The Liebster Award

Guess what?! The wonderful Katherine from A Young Writer’s Notebook has nominated me for a Liebster Award! Be sure to check out her blog if you are interested in books, movies, or on the act of writing itself. It is a ton of fun!

The Liebster Award is an award for bloggers. It helps to discover new blogs and to build a sense of community in the blogging world! Also it allows me to ramble on about things that aren’t movies.

Okay, so here are the rules:

  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you
  • Nominate 11 bloggers that you think are deserving of the award
  • Let the bloggers know you nominated them
  • Give them 11 questions of your own

Katherine’s Questions

If you could only read one genre for the rest of your life, what genre would you choose?
Adventure fiction, I am seriously going to miss some of my favourite fantasy novels, but there is no way I could swear off the answer to the next question.

What is your favourite book and why?
The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas. It is an intriguing tale of love and revenge, of right and wrong, and of total badassery. Edmond Dantès’ journey of vengeance is one of the best-written stories of all time.

Which writer inspires you the most?
I always feel that stories influence me more than the writers that write them. I get much more invested in characters than I do in writers, so please excuse me for ignoring some of the most beloved and praised people in history while I choose the lumbering oaf that is called Jeremy Clarkson.

Am I mad? Possibly. But let’s take a look at Clarkson. He is exceptional in nothing, but competent enough to stand out. He is witty and intelligent. He is well-travelled and appreciates the finer things in life. And he might not have written the best stories, but he is the one I would most want to be like.

What was the first book you ever read?
Pinkeltje, by the Dutch writer Dick Laan. It’s a Dutch book series for children about a white-bearded gnome with a pointy hat that goes on all kinds of adventures. I still own all the books so that one day I can share these stories with the next generation.

Who is your favourite character from any book, movie, tv show etc. and why?
Now, this is tough! This is going to be one of those things that I am going to look back at and think: “Really past-me, that was your answer? How could you forget… ?! It’s like I don’t even know me anymore…” But I’m going to say Vegeta, from the fan-based parody series Dragon Ball Z Abridged, created by Team Four Star. They elevated an already strong character into something out of this world.

What is your favourite literary/poetic quote?
From The Sign of the Four, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

“How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?” – Sherlock Holmes

What’s your favourite movie?
Léon, written and directed by Luc Besson and starring Jean Reno, Gary Oldman, and Natalie Portman. About a hitman that hesitantly takes in a twelve-year old girl that just lost her family.

Which book/poem/tv show/movie do you wish you’d written?
Harry Potter. The fame and the fortune aside, I love this universe. It contains so many incredible characters and there are so many stories that can be created around them. I respect J.K. Rowling’s decision to not want to base her entire career around it, and I understand that she wants to embark on other projects as well, but I don’t think I ever would want to stop writing about it.

Ebook, audiobook, hardcover or paperback?
Paperback. No contest really.

Beyond blogging, what other hobbies do you have?
I mostly watch movies, drive around in my car, and hang out with friends. I also really enjoy snowboarding and diving; I just don’t get the opportunity to do it very often. Travel is very important to me. And, like many, I regularly visit the gym, but I’m hesitant in calling it an actual hobby…

Tell me a random fact about you!
My friends made me go skydiving for my twenty-fifth birthday and I really enjoyed it. So much so, that I would like to get my skydiving license somewhere within the next two years.

My Nominees
I nominate the following people for the Liebster Award.

Alex from Alex D. Neagoe
Jeroen from A Sky of Books and Movies
Intrepid Muses
Movie Authority
Bobmann from One Mann’s Movies
Evelyn from Films & Series: What About Them
rlterry1 from R.L. Terry’s ReelViews
Spikor from Fat Guy With Glasses
MoodyB from The Cinema Cynic
Consumed By Film
Raina from Hope

Their Challenges/Questions
Below you will find my questions for the nominees. I have copied some of the ones I really enjoyed answering, others I came up with myself:

– If you could only read one genre for the rest of your life, what genre would you choose?
– What is your favourite book and why?
– Which writer inspires you the most?
– What was the first book you ever read?
– Who is your favourite character from any book, movie, tv show etc. and why?
– What is your favourite literary/poetic quote?
– What’s your favourite movie?
– What is your favourite place in the entire world? And why?
– What place have you not visited but would you like to visit the most? And why?
– What is your favourite time in history?
– Tell me a random fact about you!

I hope you have all enjoyed learning a bit more about me, as I am certain I will enjoy learning a bit more about you J Enjoy and good luck!


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11 responses to “The Liebster Award”

  1. kabrown4 says :

    I love your post; I especially love your favourite quote from A Sign of Four. It’s one of my favourites as well.

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  2. intrepidmuses says :

    This is so cool! Thank you for the nomination…and sorry for the belated response. I will have to think this over!

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  3. Jeroen Admiraal says :

    Finally did the questions

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  4. vinnieh says :

    Congratulations on the award.

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  5. Jeroen Admiraal says :

    Hi! I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check it out here:

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