Captain America: Civil War (2016) – Should I Watch It?

He crushed the Nazi’s and went toe-on-toe with Hydra, but this time Cap gets challenged by the ultimate organisation: the United Nations.

Captain America: Civil War is the thirteenth movie that takes place in the MCU and officially kicks off phase three of Marvel’s master plan of alleviating us of all of our money. It features an impressive list of fan-favourite characters duking it out on the big screen, and includes the introduction of Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther and Tom Holland as Spider-Man.

Every Marvel movie carries a lot of weight on its shoulders, but never was the pressure as high as it is now. Not only does Civil War carry on the legacy of the Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Terms like superhero fatigue are finding there way into the media and message boards. I personally think it is a bit too early to talk about a large-scale exhaustion towards the superhero genre, but that could change quickly if we get a couple more films like Batman v Superman.


What is he even doing here?

Fortunately that is not the case here. Captain America: Civil War feels very Avengers-escue, but it is also a true Captain America movie. In a sense, one could argue that it comprises of two films. One is a solo Captain America movie similar to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and the other is a Captain America v Iron Man movie, one that contains a buttload of awesome cameos.

This is both a good and a bad thing. On one hand it keeps the pacing very high, there are a ton of action scenes to keep you interested, and almost every one gets to see their favourite character shine. But on the other hand it never really takes off. There are some twists and drama, but overall the movie feels rather shallow, and it is clearly a product out of the Marvel handbook for filmmaking.


Suit and shield sold separately.

It is a lot of fun to see all the characters strut their stuff. Highlights for me were the introduction of Black Panther and Spider-Man; I am very interested in seeing their respective movies. Both Boseman and Holland are perfectly cast. And Captain America continuing the violent and unrelenting fighting style he showed in The Winter Soldier.

Even though Captain America: Civil War has great action and all the fan-service in the world, I cannot help but feel like it was just an okay film that happened to house a couple of spectacular fight scenes. It is unique in the sense that is heroes fighting heroes, but it never brought any depth to the table. Regardless, it is still definitely worth watching.

Yes, watch it.

Hi guys, I hope you enjoyed reading this review. If you have any comments or suggestions on what I should watch next let me know in the comment section below. And don’t forget to subscribe for more spoiler free movie reviews.


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3 responses to “Captain America: Civil War (2016) – Should I Watch It?”

  1. intrepidmuses says :

    Your points about the pacing of the action are well taken. Overall I really enjoyed the third Avenger Movie, I mean the third Captain America; actually it is one of my favorite Marvel movies. I Can’t wait to see what they do with Spidey (the nailed the casting) and with Black Panther.

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