Inside Out (2015) – Should I Watch It?

Intro to… Inside Out
This kid really has some serious emotional-control issues.

The Plot
Young Riley is lead by her emotions, literally. Deep down in her brain, core emotions Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger regulate Riley’s feelings. The team is lead by Joy, and their goal is to keep Riley happy.

But when Riley moves from Minnesota to San Francisco her emotions heighten and become unstable. Even worse, an accident occurs and both Joy and Sadness get lost in Riley’s long-term memory. This leaves Riley unable to feel neither joy nor sadness, and as a result cannot cope with her feelings. To save Riley from breaking down, Joy and Sadness must find their way back but this turns out to be quite the challenge.

Should I Watch It?
Inside Out is an animated movie produced by Pixar. This will already draw many people to the movie, but let me tell you; I am not one of those. Do not get me wrong, I think most of their movies are fine. And the beginning of Up was nothing short of pure cinematic brilliance. But I do not praise Pixar as much as others. I think it is a talented studio that produces beautifully animated movies that tell decent stories and make fine films.

With that out of the way, I think it is save to say that I thought Inside Out was rather enjoyable. It is colourful, cute, and has some nice moments here and there. The animation is great, it is set in an imaginative world, and the characters, one-dimensional they may be, are fun.

The voice actors were great. Every single one was perfectly cast for their role. I especially liked Amy Phoeler and Richard Kind as Joy and Bing Bong, but I could not critique any of the others for doing anything wrong. It is just a personal preference.

What I can critique, however, is the story. On one hand it is fun and enjoyable, but on the other it never really stands out. There are no amazing dramatic climaxes, surprising plot twists, or memorable quotes. It does not pull on your heartstrings or makes you laugh uncontrollably. It just tells a story. Considering the setting of the story, I think they could have done more with it.

Inside Out is a movie that plays it safe and does nothing wrong. It is not Pixar’s worst, but it doesn’t get close to movies like Toy Story or Finding Nemo either. It is a fun movie for children, or for killing time on a lazy Sunday afternoon. In the end I will recommend this movie, just don’t expect anything mind-blowing.

Yes, watch it.

Hi guys, I hope you enjoyed reading this review. If you have any comments or suggestions on what I should watch next let me know in the comment section below.


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10 responses to “Inside Out (2015) – Should I Watch It?”

  1. alexdneagoe says :

    My favorite character of the movie was Bing Bong

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  2. leecongerton says :

    i didnt tear up when bing bong died …. just duct in my eye i tell you!

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  3. rlterry1 says :

    I like how you approached this film! I often grow tired when the Big D or Pixar are often praised for simply producing a movie. It’s almost as if Disney gets a pass when sometimes their movie are not anything beyond cute and fun. I also agree on the beginning and much of Up–pure cinematic brilliance as you so eloquently put it. I liked Inside Out, but I did not think it was even close to amazing or even deserved the accolades that it has received. At the end of the day, it is a cute movie that was fun to watch and had some heartwarming moments.

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    • Remco says :

      Thanks! This movie really been blown up by Pixar fans and critics for reasons I really do not comprehend. Everybody really needs to calm down and realise it is just another animated movie.

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  4. intrepidmuses says :

    Although I don’t think is Pixar’s best, I do think that it was a brilliant treatment of the subject matter. I can’t think of any other movie which approach the subject of the our inner thoughts in such a delightful and thoughtful way. Mind you this is not an easy task at all but rather one that is full of pitfalls…


    PS On the other hand what a disappointment was A Good Dinosaurs! A movie with such potential wasted on a flat out script! Enough about playing critic I very much enjoy your blog!!!

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  5. Spikor says :

    Great review. You give great reasons for why you found this a fair-to-middle movie.

    I completely disagree, though! I’ve got a 5 year old daughter, and this thing tugged at my father strings like *crazy*. Anything that reminds me that one day she won’t be guided by pure unadulterated joy all the time gets the candy tears going.

    This one totally eclipsed all the non-Toy Story Pixar films for me. The opener of UP was still a more amazing heart-string-puller, though.

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    • Remco says :

      That’s completely understandable. I hope that one day I will be fortunate enough to have a little one of my own, and experience these type of movies in a completely different way.


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