The Hateful Eight (2016) – Should I Watch It?

Intro to… The Hateful Eight
A white bounty hunter with a huge moustache saves a black bounty hunter with a period-correct moustache from freezing his balls off.

The Plot
Bounty hunter John “The Hangman” Ruth (Kurt Russell) is on his way to the town of Red Rock to turn in the murderess Daisy Domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh). At least, that was the plan until a powerful blizzard stirred up its ugly head.

Ruth is forced to seek shelter at Minnie’s Haberdashery, a wonky cabin in the middle of nowhere. But he and Daisy are not alone; a group of questionable people, all taking refuge from the dangerous snowstorm, are already there. And it does not take long for Ruth to realise that at least one of them might not be exactly who he says he is.

Should I Watch It?
The Hateful Eight is the latest film of infamous director Quentin Tarantino. Much like his two previous titles this is a violent period piece. The movie is set in snowy Wyoming, shortly after the Civil War.

Tarantino is known for his dark-humoured dialogue and explosive death scenes, and he is not holding back in this one. Especially Samuel L. Jackson’s character gets his trademark treatment. Every line he utters, every action he takes, every close-up he gets, it is all 100% unadulterated badassery.

But it is not just Jackson that gets the chance to shine. Every character has their own pivotal scene where they get to stand out. I especially liked the relationship between Kurt Russell and Jennifer Jason Leigh, which was extremely abusive yet undeniably hilarious.

There are some serious flaws with this movie though. It is over three hours long, and it feels like it. There are few movies that can pull such a length off. When you watch The Godfather, one of the first two Lord of the Rings movies (yes, I’m going there), or even his previous film, Django Unchained, time flies by. Unfortunately, The Hateful Eight does not share this talent. It stretches on for way too long, and there were a dozen people yawning in the cinema. Including me. And that is pretty much a deal breaker.

If you read my blog on the Top 11: Movies I Look Forward To in 2016 you know I was really looking forward to The Hateful Eight, but much like Sicario last year, the movie lingers on and suffers from a crippling pacing issue. There are quite some shots and scenes that serve little to no purpose, and it is easy to imagine how much the flow of the movie would be improved if these were cut.

The Hateful Eight has a couple of amazing scenes with some superb Tarantino dialogue and action, but these rare moments are not enough to safe a movie that bores you throughout the rest of it. If you are a Tarantino fan, by all means go watch it, but I do not recommend it for anyone else.

No, don’t watch it.

Hi guys, I hope you enjoyed reading this review. If you have any comments or suggestions on what I should watch next let me know in the comment section below.


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One response to “The Hateful Eight (2016) – Should I Watch It?”

  1. rlterry1 says :

    I haven’t seen it yet. It’s funny, I go to the movies nearly every week during the year, but when the Oscar-esque movies come out at Christmas and New Years, I get behind because I am always out of town and don’t attend the cinema while visiting family for the holidays. Haha. But, you echo many of the points that I have heard. Thanks for the insight!

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