The Dark Knight Rises – Should I Watch It?

Intro to… The Dark Knight Rises
Batman fights a speech impaired bald guy and checks out a very flexible cat lady.

The Plot
Eight years ago Batman took the responsibility for the deaths caused by Two-Face. As a result the general public loathed him, despised him, and Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) retired from vigilantism. But the loss of Rachel and Harvey weighed heavy on him, and he turned himself into a lonely recluse.

But unknown forces are working in the shadows. The masked mercenary Bane (Tom Hardy) has come to Gotham and is secretly residing in its sewers. He bides his time until it is the perfect time to strike. And when he finally does, the entire city tumbles into chaos.

Should I Watch It?
The Dark Knight Rises is the final chapter of the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. It shows a weary Bruce Wayne dealing with the consequences of having lived a double life as a vigilante. Some of his choices and sacrifices have left him with regret, and he feels that there is little to live for. It is a story about redemption and rebirth. Circumstances force Bruce to get his shit together, and he once again dons his mask to save his city.

Christian Bale returns as the Batman and he does a fine job. I must admit that I think he was better in its predecessors, but he is okay nonetheless. Gary Oldman and Michael Cane also return, they uphold their high level of acting but unfortunately get a lot less screen time. This made sense for the movie, but I would have liked to see more of them since I like their characters and they were doing such a good job.

Tom Hardy had a very difficult tasks set out for him, exceeding, or at least reaching, the height of Heath Ledger’s Joker. In which, in all honesty, he does not succeed. To no fault of his own. He does a great job and I really like Bane, but his character is just not as interesting as the Joker. His voice is really weird due to his mask, but I like to see that as a unique character trait.

Anne Hathaway gives a great performance as the new cat woman. She is intelligent, sexy, and has no problems taking care of herself. She is my favourite iteration of cat woman by far. I also like that she got her own character arc, even if it is pretty short and overly cliché.

There is, however, a significant problem with this movie. The story sucks. Individually the characters are interesting and the actors do an overall great job, but the amount of plot holes and poor decisions is just too high. It makes the movie incoherent and unintelligent, and that especially stands out because the previous two movies did these things so much better.

Furthermore, the balance between action and exposition has shifted even more towards exposition. A big chunk of the movie is narrative followed by narrative followed by narrative. The action that does happen is explosive and spectacular, but the majority of the movie is Bruce being mopey, Bane being philosophical, and minor characters forwarding the story.

The Dark Knight Rises has a lot of things going, but never lives up to its potential. It is as if Christopher Nolan had so much more pressure due to the success of The Dark Knight that rather than being himself, he tried to be his past-self. He spent so much time giving every character a strong and unique personality that there was no time left for a developed and coherent story. It is a sad conclusion to an otherwise great trilogy.

No, don’t watch it.

Hi guys, I hope you enjoyed reading this review. If you have any comments or suggestions on what I should watch next let me know in the comment section below.


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