Daniel Craig as James Bond – Editorial

I was very sceptical when it was announced that Daniel Craig was going to portray James Bond. But now, six years and four movies later, I have to admit; he is even worse than I could have ever imagined.

Before I start ranting, I want to state that it is not just Daniel Craig that ruins the latest James Bond movies. The combined efforts of actor, director, screenwriter, and many more people are what ultimately create the James Bond persona. So while I may refer to Daniel Craig or James Bond, what I really mean is the collective work of everyone involved.

So what elements make a James Bond? To me a true James Bond has an attractive distinguished look, an undeniable natural charisma, and enjoys the pleasures of life. Daniel Craig’s Bond possesses none of these elements.

Attractiveness is very subjective. The proverb ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ rings very true, and there are many different ways people are perceived as good-looking. Now I personally do not find Craig to be a handsome man, but even if you do it would most likely be in a more rough dangerous kind of fashion, rather than a distinguished one. He does have the physique of an action hero, but not that of a gentleman spy. And every time you see him in a suit, he looks completely uncomfortable.

Charisma is even harder to describe than looks, but often coincides with it. The best way to explain is to compare Craig to other actors that have played Bond, namely Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore, and Sean Connery. If you would meet any of these in a club or casino, they look approachable. Their presence draws people toward them. Craig, on the other hand, looks stern, stoic, and cold. You would stay away from him.

And finally, Bond enjoys his hedonistic lifestyle. He drives the latest and fastest cars, wears fancy clothes, drinks his shaken vodka martini, and seduces beautiful women. He is witty and direct, but is rarely rude. Craig, however, drives an old car, is often seen without a suit, drinks whatever is around, and his method of seduction, which by the way really bothers me, is borderline rape. And since the standard expression on his face is morose, he sure does not look like he is enjoying life.

Now, Daniel Craig is not a bad actor. And I have to admit that I liked Skyfall, that is, until it turned into Home Alone. But he is no James Bond, and his films do not do the franchise justice.

How do you feel about Daniel Craig as James Bond? Let me know your opinion in the comment section below.


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4 responses to “Daniel Craig as James Bond – Editorial”

  1. jeroenadmiraal2015 says :

    I agree. He is cold and unapproachable to the audience in the movies. They try to make him more likeable with comedy elements but in the end, he doesn’t have the charisma that we look for in James Bond.

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  2. awye2 says :

    I have to say I’m a little confused as to why Bond has to be any of the things you mention other than a spy. Why should the most recent Bond be just like the Bond from 50 years ago? Certainly I am glad that such conservatism doesn’t apply to Batman, or else would wouldn’t have the variety you see between Adam West, Michael Keaton and Christian Bale. What if every version of a song had to be just like the original? We would have missed out on Aretha Franklin’s Say a Little Prayer or Nina Simone’s Feeling Good or Janis Joplin’s Me and Bobby Mcgee. Craig gave us an interesting take on the Bond character as a pretty damaged military covert operative. He’s definitely not Connery and that is a good thing. There are already 6 Connery Bond films and that is probably enough.

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    • Remco says :

      Because James Bond is much more than some random movie spy. He has evolved into a recognizable icon that has crossed generations. The movies before Daniel Craig knew how to adjust the story and film style to the times they were filmed in without hugely changing the main character. And for good reason, it is the James Bond character that carries the franchise; everything else is a dime in a dozen. He is what separates Bond from Bourne, Mission Impossible, and other spy movies.

      Sure, there are different actors that play Batman, but they all play billionaire Bruce Wayne; the vigilante that fights crime to cope with the death of his parents. And there are plenty of covers, but they all use the original lyrics. In both these cases a director/actor/singer can give their own interpretation of the source material, but they also respect the fundamental element that made the original content so beloved.

      I am all for filming an action movie starring Daniel Craig as an international spy, but slapping the name James Bond on him while not giving him any of the classic James Bond traits is just wrong. It is disrespectful to the fans and a cheap ploy to lure people to the cinema.


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