Who Framed Roger Rabbit – Throwback Thursday

Intro to… Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Jar Jar Binks desperately beseeches a drunk to help him prove that he only murdered Star Wars, and not some old guy.

The Plot
Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) and his brother used to be the best private investigators in Toontown. But after a job went south and a toon killed his brother by dropping a piano on his head, he vows to never work for a toon again.

But Eddie has bills to pay. So when the head of Maroon Studios, R.K. Maroon, offers him a job to spy on the wife of the famous toon Roger Rabbit, he does not decline. He finds the wife together with another man and takes some distressing pictures. He shows these to Roger, who does not take it well.

The next day the other man is found murdered and Roger is the prime suspect. Having nowhere to go, Roger flees to Eddie and begs for his help. Eddie is reluctant at first but promises to get to the bottom things.

Should I Watch It?
Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a noir type detective story that combines live action with animation. It shows a world where people and toons live together. Us regular humans are restraint to the laws of nature, but toons can do and survive nearly everything. It is kind of unfair.

The story is simple, the characters are two-dimensional, and the acting is over the top. And while normally this is a recipe for disaster, it works perfectly for this film. Who Framed Roger Rabbit is just a long cartoon episode, it is a slapstick comedy that has only on goal: to make you laugh.

It proved that even in 1988 competing studios could work together to make something unique. Many beloved characters from both Disney and Warner Brothers make cameos, it is a dream come true for many fans. It is great to see Bugs Bunny and Mickey share a scene, and the same is true for Daffy and Donald. It becomes even greater when you discover that the animators, scriptwriters, and voice actors truly retained the character and identity of all the famous cartoons that appear throughout the film.

Bob Hoskins does a fine job interacting with the toons. He is energetic, funny, and has great comedic timing. I have no beef with him, but I do with Roger. I know that he is supposed to be the annoying character that grows on you the longer and better you get to know him, but that transformation just does not happen for me. He stays cowardly, annoying, useless, and pathetic throughout the movie and every time he is in danger I pray that it will be the end of him. Roger is probably the reason why I only like, and not love, this movie.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is not for everyone. Live-Action combined with animation always looks a bit weird and clunky, and you never really believe the world you see truly exists. But it is a great film for people that enjoy older cartoons such as The Looney Toons, Droopy, or The Animaniacs. And since I am that type of person, I recommend this movie.

Yes, watch it.

Hi guys, I hope you enjoyed reading this review. If you have any comments or suggestions on what I should watch next let me know in the comment section below.


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One response to “Who Framed Roger Rabbit – Throwback Thursday”

  1. amyjeanpotter says :

    One of my all time favourite films, totally agree and would recommend 100%

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