Fight Club – Throwback Thursday

Intro to… Fight Club
A depressed Ikea-addicted insomniac discovers that punching people in the face is a lot of fun.

The Plot
We find our nameless protagonist (Edward Norton) being smothered between the rumbustious breasts of a crying man. And he loves it. He is lonely and depressed, but not now. This love is unconditional, and it makes him feel alive.

During the day he works for a car company. His job sucks, his boss sucks, but at least it pays well. This allows him to buy a lot of stuff that he does not need, yet desperately desires. It makes him feel complete. Or does it? At night he is a mess. An insomniac that can only sleep after visiting help-groups where he fakes afflictions. It is here, between Bob’s sweaty man boobs, he feels truly at peace.

Things change when he meets the flamboyant Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt). After sharing a couple of beers Tyler demands to be punched. A fight between the two breaks out and they end up battered and bruised, but inside they feel more alive than ever. Determined to maintain this sensation, they start an underground club where people can fight each other every night.

Should I Watch It?
Fight Club puts a lot of negative emphasis on our consumer society. Stating that the things you own will eventually own you, and that you are not truly free until you lose everything and hit rock bottom. This creates a great vibe for the movie and also relates to the idealistic view of 90s teens. This becomes very ironic when you realise that this movie had a $63 million budget and shows a ton of product placement.

Does this hypocrisy negatively affect the movie? Thankfully no. I would go so far as to say it benefits it. This movie is gritty and real, the story is dark and twisted, and the characters are batshit crazy. All in a very good way.

Both Norton and Pitt put in great performances. Their characters are rounded, interesting, and completely mad. Helena Bonham Carter also does a fantastic job. Her character, Marla Singer, is just as messed up and completes their weird-ass love triangle. There is not a single weak performance.

With a runtime of 139 minutes this is not a short movie, yet it made me wish it were just a little bit longer. The film does not end on a cliffhanger, but I am very curious to the repercussions of the final scene.

Fight Club is not a movie for a lazy Sunday afternoon. It has a dark and rich narrative that demands your attention. And it is worth it. I fully recommend this movie.

Yes, watch it.

Hi everyone, I hope you have enjoyed reading this review. If you have any comments on this movie or suggestions for future reviews please let me know via the comment section below. Until next time!


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