Edge of Tomorrow – Should I Watch It?

Intro to… Edge of Tomorrow
World War III starts and guess its origin point? Yep, it is Germany. But this time it is not Lieutenant Gruber und his little tank that is plotting to take over…

The Plot
A meteor strikes Germany and an evil alien species bend on world domination crawls out of it. They appear to be extremely adept at adjusting battle strategy and as such were called Mimics. Their fighting prowess kept them unbeaten for five whole years in which they took over continental Europe. To turn the tide an Exosuit was developed and put into the field. The result was our first ever victory.

The military quickly started mass-producing suits and plans to overrun the Mimics in a D-Day-esque manner. Assigned to report the counter-strike is public affairs officer William Cage (Tom Cruise). He declines and even goes as far as to blackmail his superior officer, but this fails and he gets stripped of his rank and privileges.

William becomes part of the counter force and it is a massacre. The aliens somehow knew they were coming and a giant battle starts the moment they land. People die all around him and there appears to be no hope for victory. William is untrained and outmatched, and he too kicks the bucket. But then he wakes up, one day before he died. And he is forced to relive these events again and again.

Should I Watch It?
Edge of Tomorrow is based on the Japanese novel All You Need Is Kill and looks like a mix of Groundhog Day, Saving Private Ryan, and District 9. It takes some of the great elements of these movies to create a solid and interesting sci-fi action movie.

Director Doug Liman makes clever use of the day resetting every time. William is the only one aware of what is going on and uses his knowledge to influence the people he gets to meet. This means we get a lot of similar scenes that play out just a bit differently.

Cruise puts down a solid performance, but I was not sold on the relationship he builds with co-star Emily Blunt. I sort of understand his emotional attraction as he gets to know her better every time the day resets, but to her he is just a guy she just met. And she is not exactly the opening-up type.

Edge of Tomorrow has a compelling story and decent action scenes. Japanese viewer might be familiar with this type of film, but to me it felt refreshing and enjoyable. I would certainly recommend it.

Yes, watch it.


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One response to “Edge of Tomorrow – Should I Watch It?”

  1. Matt says :

    Definitely agree, anyone who hasn’t seen this film should! Great film. Great review as well btw

    Liked by 1 person

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