Life After Beth – Should I Watch It?

Intro to… Life After Beth
Life After Beth is a zom-rom-com-drom, an abbreviation for the zombie romance comedy drama genre. And yes, you are right, this does sounds completely preposterous. Zombie romance… should you watch this?

The Plot
A solo hike through the mountainside turns fatal for the young Beth Slocum (Aubrey Plaza) after a snake bites her. Friends and family are shocked by her sudden death and it takes a heavy toll on them. It becomes an especially hard time for her boyfriend Zach Orfman (Dane DeHaan).

Zach remains close with Aubrey’s parents and spends a lot of time at their house. Together they help and support each other to get through this tough period. That is until out of the blue Zach is no longer welcome at the Slocum’s. Frustrated and angry Zach searches for an explanation and finds it when he breaks into their house: Beth is still alive.

Should I Watch It?
After watching a movie I always visit to rate the movie, learn some trivia, and to look up the actors/directors I am unfamiliar with. It is one of my quirky rituals that prolong my movie experience, much like writing and reading reviews.

I did so after watching Life After Beth as well, and afterwards I was shocked. Not because of some cool trivia or unnoticed cameo. No, I was shocked that this movie was actually supposed to be a comedy. There are tons of awkward scenes and nonsensical dialogue but I had attributed that to it being a weird movie.

And when I say weird, I mean what the hell am I looking at bizarre. The film basically exists out of two parts: the first part where everyone is mourning in their own peculiar way, and the second part that goes batshit insane on the whole zombie element.

Now, weird can be good and bad. And in this case it is both. The first part of the movie is awful. The story progression is slow and none of the characters are really likeable. Our protagonist is depressed to the point of creepy, his brother is a douche, and his girlfriend’s dad is not much better. Fortunately the movie takes a turn for the better in the second half. Several of the zombie scenes are really bizarre but greatly entertaining.

Life After Beth is not a great movie, and for many not even an entertaining one. I felt that the end sort of made up for the beginning, but I would not want to sit through it again.

No, don’t watch it.


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