The Three Caballeros – Should I Watch It?

Intro to… The Three Caballeros
Movies can be much more than simple entertainment; a movie can influence and change how people think about things. And they have often been used for this. You might be wondering why this is relevant for a Donald Duck movie. Well, because this movie also had a hidden agenda. The Three Caballeros was an attempt to get to know and improve the relationship between the USA and South American countries during World War II.

The Plot
It is Donald Duck’s birthday. His friends and family must have left because it is just him and a package from South America. Donald is al excited and cannot wait to open the box. In it are several gifts.

Every gift has its own interactive short story and leads to Donald learning more about South American culture.

Should I Watch It?
A rather short plot, I agree. And yet this animated film from 1944 is filled with short stories all portrayed in that classic Disney style everybody knows and loves. Well, most of it.

Let me elaborate on that last part. The Three Caballeros is mostly a combination of animation and live-action with Donald and friends traveling across South America and interacting with the locals. Through this journey we learn about South American topography, we meet local wildlife, we get introduced to local music and dances, and we get to learn that Donald is one lecherous duck. He falls in love with every girl he sees and will not stop bothering them until he gets his way with them. This is not the Donald Duck I grew up with when I was a kid.

Also at some point the movie changes from a Mary Poppins-escue movie into a psychedelic roller coaster. The cleanly animated graphics turns into a long sequence of constantly changing abstract images. It is no wonder the hippies took over 20 years later, these kids just wanted to experience as wacky and weird as with what they grew up with. And you simply cannot without some external substances.

The Three Caballeros is a bizarre movie that I cannot seem to comprehend, from the abstract imagery to the thought that this was made to strengthen the relationship between two continents. How was this going to influence the people? Why are there so many misspellings when they are visiting Chile? What the hell am I watching? None of this gets answered, yet I couldn’t stop loving it.

Yes, watch it.


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2 responses to “The Three Caballeros – Should I Watch It?”

  1. kookamungakat says :

    I am literally working on an article about this movie. Just watched a few days ago and really loves it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • ressivocmer says :

      Oh, nice. I’ll make sure to read it when it is done. I decided to write a blog on this film when I suddenly remembered I actually own this on VHS, I had completely forgotten about it.


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