Mission: Impossible – Throwback Thursday

Intro to… Mission: Impossible
My mission, should I choose to accept, is to review the original Mission: Impossible just before Rogue Nation’s official release date. With about two hours left, I better start writing.

The Plot
Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is the point man of a group of international spies working for the IMF, or Impossible Missions Force. His team gets assigned the retrieval of a stolen NOC list, a file containing information on undercover non-official spies. The main suspect is an arms dealer simply known as Max.

The mission is as follows: Intelligence knows that the American embassy in Prague contains the second half of the NOC list and has reasons to belief that this part of the list will also be targeted. Ethan and his team must infiltrate the embassy, ensure photographic proof of the robbery, follow the thief to Max, and apprehend both.

The assignment starts well but ends in a disaster. The NOC list gets stolen and Ethan’s entire team gets killed. Even worse, the IMF suspects him of being a double agent working for Max. Ethan sees only one way to clear his name: he needs to capture Max. But to do so he needs bait, he needs to have something Max wants; he needs the complete NOC list. There is just one thing; it is stored on a stand-alone server in an extremely secured room within CIA headquarters. His new mission: assemble a team and break in.

Should I Watch It?
Mission: Impossible is a fast-paced adventure movie filled with spies, gadgets, and intrigue. The film introduces its characters superfast so it can quickly focus on what the audience really wants to see: spy stuff. And boy does it have a lot of that! Every scene contains some sort of spy gimmick. It makes the film feel like it was not just made to entertain the adult, but also the child within.

The way the movie creates tension is by far its strongest asset. It sucks you in and you actually feel like you are part of it. At one point Ethan tells his partners that from this moment there must be absolute silence, and I noticed myself become quieter, even to the point that I was subconsciously suppressing the sound of my breathing. And that is simply amazing.

Think what you want about Tom Cruise, but the man can definitely act. Put him in front of a camera and he shines. It is no different in Mission: Impossible. Cruise puts down a very likeable Ethan Hunt and showed the world that he was not just another pretty face; he could do action movies as well.

Mission: Impossible is a great movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It is no surprise that a movie like this has spawned so many sequels. I am excited for Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation to be released tomorrow, but there is no such thing as the original.

Yes, watch it.


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