Kingsman: The Secret Service – Should I Watch It?

Intro to… Kingsman: The Secret Service
Spy movies were the Superhero movies of today. They were cool, they were popular, and they were everywhere. But nothing lasts forever and the spy-hype ran out. Nowadays it is a rare event when a spy movie not starring James Bond comes out.

But 2015 is a remarkable year where tons of forgotten franchises are being revived, rebooted, and re-energised. Also spy movies can be found everywhere. Besides Kingsman: The Secret Service we will also be treated to Spectre, Spy, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, and The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Kingsman, however, is the first to be released and will set the bar. And with Matthew Vaughn directing there really is only one question: how high will it be placed?

The Plot
Kingsman is a small independent secret British intelligence agency that was formed after World War 1. Affluent people who had lost their heirs wanted to use their wealth to protect as many people as possible from suffering a similar fate. Their ideals and riches allowed for the creation of this secret organisation.

The movie starts with a spy sacrificing his life to save his comrades. Harry Hart (Colin Firth) is burdened to relay this to the next of kin. Due to the secrecy of the mission he cannot explain what happened but shows a medal with a phone number, saying that if they are ever in trouble they can contact him. He gives this medal to a little boy that suddenly has to live without a father.

Flash-forward a couple of years and the little boy has grown up. Gary “Eggsy” Uwin (Taron Egerton) is an unruly teenager that is confronted with his mother’s abusive boyfriend on a daily basis. When he finally snaps and takes a bit of revenge he gets into trouble with the police and calls the number on the medal he received so many years ago. Harry shows up to release him from prison, but there is more, he wants Eggsy to become part of Kingsman.

Should I Watch It?
Honestly, when I entered the theatre I had no idea what to expect. I had only seen one trailer and it did not really look like anything special. But it is. Yes, at first glance it might seem like a James Bond/Divergent crossover, but it is a very intelligently made movie that keeps throwing curveballs to keep you interested.

To start, it has all of the British spy-movie elements; spies, suits, gadgets, a billionaire villain, a weird evil henchman, and a convoluted plot. The classics. We have all seen this a hundred times before. It is done really well, but it is nothing new. Now what makes this movie stand out is how well this is integrated with the action, because the action is phenomenal. Kingsman has, by far, the greatest fight scenes in cinematic history. They are astonishingly well choreographed.

Which brings us to the acting. With a crew full of A-listers such as Colin Firth, Mark Strong, Michael Cain, Jack Davenport, and Samuel L. Jackson expectations are high, and they perform accordingly. Jackson’s improvised lisp has become a controversial subject, but I personally do not really mind it. Newcomer Taron Egerton did especially well and showed he is ready to act with the big boys.

But even more important than the brilliant action, strong acting, and intelligent storytelling is that I left the theatre more excited than I had been in a long while. Kingsman: The Secret Service is a great movie and you should definitely watch it.

Yes, watch it.


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  1. jeroenadmiraal2015 says :

    You know, I suddenly realize that the nickname “eggsy” probably came out of Taron Egerton’s real life because his last name is Egerton. He probably told the director “you know, when I was little they used to call me eggsy”, and the director just went with it.


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