Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – Should I Watch It?

Intro to… Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Throw out your history books and be ready for an unprecedented twist: Abraham Lincoln was a vampire hunter. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a documentary on the life of former president Abraham Lincoln and the true events that transpired during the Civil War.

The Plot
It all started when he was just a little boy. The Lincolns have a small scuffle with Southern businessman Jack Barts (Marton Csokas). Displeased by their insolence, Barts, who is actually a vampire, bites mama Lincoln and leaves her to die a horribly painful death.

Years later his father passes away and Abraham (Benjamin Walker) is left all alone, filled with sadness and a lust for revenge. Drunk on rage and whisky Abraham tries to assassinate Barts but fails completely. He would have kicked the bucket if not for Henry Sturges (Dominic Cooper), who jumps in last minute.

The next day Abraham pleads to Henry to teach him how to kill vampires. Henry declines. He is unwilling to teach people who merely seek vengeance, he only trains those who want to become vampire hunters. Abraham utters his first lie and convinces Henry to teach him. He is honest Abe no more.

Should I Watch It?
This movie is about an axe wielding and vampire slaying Abraham Lincoln. My expectations were not very high, but there is always this shimmer of hope that movies like this bring in something clever that makes them great or at least fun to watch. But there really isn’t.

The story is obviously ridiculous. Besides Abraham chopping off vampire heads, the Civil War itself gets turned into a battle between humans and vampires. And the vampire slaying is not even that impressive. Sure, at the end we get the big climactic battle, which admittedly has some great action choreography, but the earlier fights are rather bad.

The visuals and acting are pretty subpar as well. CGI fluctuates between decent and terrible throughout the movie. And even Rufus Sewell, who is just made to play sinister characters, delivers no real impact.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a bad movie with a couple of nice scenes. Unless you actually feel like watching a terrible movie I cannot recommend this.

No, don’t watch it.


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2 responses to “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – Should I Watch It?”

  1. jeroenadmiraal2015 says :

    I’m tempted to see it because the premise sounds funny.

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